Beware: Unhealthy Baking Alert!

As I write this I am finally full! Been snackish all day! I blame it on the 7:00am spin class! Wow! I felt so virtuous (if not a little shut-eyed) rolling up to the gym at that time of morning! The class wasn’t that bad but the instructor put fans on right from the start so I never really got the opportunity to get warm! I did sweat but jeez! Lol! My friend thought so too so I don’t feel quite so bad complaining about it!

Rushed home after class for a quick shower/getting dressed/ packing bag/ getting lunch (premade last night) out of the fridge and eating breakfast:IMG_0949.JPG

Coffee, 2 weetbix, yoghurt and milk! Yum! Had a banana to start up my metabolism before the gym too. Here was lunch:

IMG_0948.JPGWhich I ended up coming home for (a lecture cancelled!):

IMG_0950.JPGThen the baking began! So I made chocolate chocolate chip cake cookies from a recipe from allrecipes . com. Here we go! Instead of writing out the ingredients just click the link! Lol! Hope that’s okay.

IMG_0951.JPGHere they all were apart from the flour which didn’t fit onto the counter top so well!
IMG_0952.JPGMid way through the process – chopping up the choc in the forefront!

IMG_0953.JPGIMG_0954.JPGIMG_0955.JPGIMG_0956.JPGJust to show the cookies actual size:

IMG_0957.JPGLol! So quite tiny! Actually I must say i have yet to taste one (but have made the recipe numerous times before) but did work out these have 90 calories each roughly! Planning on taking some into Uni tomorrow for a last lecture celebration for friends πŸ™‚

I suppose that this shows even the unhealthiest cookies (most deliciousist (not I word I know ;)) can be okay in moderation.

IMG_0959.JPGSo I wasn’t actually that hungry late afternoon but the thought of banana soft serve seemed to good to pass up seeing as I had it all ready frozen and waiting in the freezer! ‘Twas delicious! Thought it wasn’t going to work at first – it covered my blender in tiny pieces of banana but then without fail it slowly turned into smooth bananery goodness!

IMG_0960.JPGDinner was amazing too! Mum had made a brown rice/salmon/carrot/apple/raisin/mushroom salad which I augment with 150 gm frozen winter vege mix and 150 gm pumpkin! Yum!

Unfortunately when I realise I haven’t eaten as much as I could have I immediately become hungry so I whipped up some oatmeal a couple of hours later:

IMG_0962.JPGLol! Turned out so pretty! Was simply hungry by that stage but didn’t really know for what but knew oatmeal would fill me up so I cooked up 1/2 cup. When it was ready to come out of the microwave I stirred in handful (prob 1/4 cup) raspberries for that lovely pinkness and tasted it. It was a little bitter for my liking so I added 1/2 tablespoon of melted honey! Yum! It was amazing after this! Will certainly be having this again! I shovelled this down so fast you wouldn’t believe but it did fill me up! Behold the powers of oats πŸ˜‰

Nite, Jem xx


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2 responses to “Beware: Unhealthy Baking Alert!

  1. i love oatmeal in all its variations! and i am loving those cookies, they look delishious!
    have a great day love

  2. I do love the pink in the oats from the raspberries πŸ™‚

    The cookies sound fab. I say unhealthy baked goods is ok in moderation! And quite tasty too!

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