Gravity :)

Hey! So can you tell by the title? I am a little obsessed with “Defying Gravity” (the Glee version) at the mo! Can’t decide if I like Kurt or Rachel singing it better!

Now I’m watching Gilmore Girls as I write this – luckily I am an impressively good multi tasker (hehe, it’s the eppy where Emily gets arrested!). Ok what else did I get up to today… nothing much but we finally got a new dish washer which is a relief! Lol! It’s a second-hand one because we are moving soon so the door is a little broken but it works just fine so I’m happy 🙂

Here was the usual breakie:



Followed by Lunch (left overs from last nights dinner):

IMG_1194.JPGAnd lastly din dins:

IMG_1195.JPGChili con carne over long grain basmati white rice with broccoli, cauliflower and butternut pumpkin. It’s funny – I’ve always pronounced the dish as chili con carne not saying the “e” on the end, so like “carn” instead of “carn – nay”. Then I was watching something, actually I think it was an episode of “Bones” where they said it and I realised I’d been pronouncing it wrong all these years!

Hehe it’s funny how things like that happen. Must get to bed now anyway – all you early risers would be shocked to hear at what hour I finally awoke this morning!

Jem xx




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Good day ;)

Hey all~ My list was pretty well done! Happy with my new hair too! My hair is really long and I only got it trimmed so it takes a long time to put in all the foils. I generally get sort of blonder highlights – two shades and I haven’t had my hair done for at least 6 months so I had an obivous (well, too me) grow out line!

Here’s the new look: IMG_1183.JPGStarted off with a healthy breakie and my usual coffee. Interesting to find other people also don’t like drinking water in the mornings 🙂 Coffee suited me this morning.

IMG_1176.JPGIMG_1175.JPGThree weetbix, 1/2 cup milk and a sprinkle of blueberries.

Ooh here is a pic of some gingerbread cookies I made a few days ago:

IMG_1181.JPGHere was lunch:

IMG_1177.JPGIMG_1178.JPGIMG_1179.JPGCarrot, sandwich with tomato, cuc and a slice of edam cheese and pineapple, pawpaw and coconut yoghurt!

My hair took up pretty much the whole afternoon – like I said – my hair takes ages 😉

Not much else up – spent the time before dinner typing up stuff for my parents, here was dinner:

IMG_1191.JPGBrown rice with a peanut sauce with tofu and veg! Yum!

Cya! Jem xx


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It’s Sunday!

Heya folks! Once again my photographing has been pretty minimal over the last few days but when I figured out that pictures weren’t anything I really did want to do a post! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! I really haven’t been up to much over Friday and Saturday! Worked on Fri, relaxed on Sat! Must get some things done today though!

It’s currently pre breakfast on Sunday so no food consumed today yet but lets see. Okay, so today I want to 1) book a hair appointment (seriously, I think the last time I had one was like April :(! I have terrible split ends 🙂 ) 2) Get some sort of exercise (trying not to be to strict on this – if I do end up getting my hair done I’ll walk and that’ll count – It will add up to a good few k’s anyway.) 3) Type up some stuff on the computer as requested by the parents 4) HUmmm… well my parents have been away and there is nothing much else left to eat some sort of baking would be nice!

So that’s my list – if I accomplish those things I’ll be happy! Sure I’ll think of some others along the way!

Anyway so the grand total of my photos over the last two days? 1! That’s right! This was my breakie – actually now I think about it I had basically the same thing both days:

IMG_1174.JPGHomemade bread with about 1 tbsp of plain natural crunchy pb and a nana and a glass of non fat milk! Yum! I really don’t much like drinking water in the mornings – it tastes funny! Does anyone else find that? More specifically just when I have got up! So I prefer a hot drink or milk!

Haven’t eaten anything else very exciting this weekend – mostly just leftovers for dinner involving chicken because that’s what we had!

Must work on my photographing skills and resolve to GO AND FETCH THE CAMERA instead of just eating my food first because I can’t be bothered lol! I am so lazy sometimes!

I’ll be back later! Hope your saturday afternoons/nights are all going well!

Jem xx


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Long Time No See!

OK – so muchos apologies for my long absence, rwally it was mostly just this week. I must confess, I really haven’t done much at all it is just the post exam relaxation period! So what have I been doing? A lot of sleeping (;) ), reading, eating (nom nom nom), catching up with friends and baking and just generally relaxing – a lot of tv and web surfing and time wasting! Love the freedom to do what I want when I want.

I will try to repair my blogging however – I think this week was kinda a holiday for me – I must confess – I haven’t used my camera today so must get back to that!

Here are a few photos, however, that were taken during my absence:

If you spot the picture of the blueberry scones in the midst they were really good! Yum!

Nite for now,

Jem xx


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Done done done!

Heyyyy! Long time no post! Sorry, but on the bright side I am DONE! Finished! Free! Yay! It’s officially summer – actually it’s still spring but you get my drift! I’ve had three exams over the last four days you might kind of see why I’ve been MIA! I have been photographing though I have heaps of photos to come!

Thinks there is four days worth so here is the first day:

IMG_1141.JPGIMG_1142.JPGBreakfast: cornflakes, yoghurt, blueberries and coffee!

IMG_1143.JPGTuna salad, yoghurt and apple!

IMG_1146.JPGVegetable frittata – the tofu one! Yum!

IMG_1147.JPGAnd dessert plain greek yoghurt, boysenberry and corny! Mhmm!

Day 2:

IMG_1148.JPGIMG_1149.JPGIMG_1150.JPGBread with marmite, an in action coffee shot and a nana!

IMG_1151.JPGA sort of fried rice: brown rice, beans, peas, pumpkin and chicken! Amazing~

IMG_1152.JPGMhmm berry flakes with milk and yoghurt!

Okay we’re onto Day Three:

IMG_1153.JPGIMG_1154.JPGMore marmite and bread with another nana and coffee! the shape in the coffee did resemble a heart but it dissipated ;(

IMG_1155.JPGHummus and apple! Ooh and some not picture yoghy!

IMG_1156.JPGThis was a yummy dinner too! Spaghetti, carrot, feta and parmesan and mixed veges and a few pine nuts

And now we are onto Today!

IMG_1159.JPGPretty sure I turned out having this breakfast on all my exams days! Blueberries = brain food!

IMG_1160.JPGNormal salad sandwich, carrot, sweet chili sauce yoghurt combo! Muy bien!

IMG_1161.JPGFish (Gurnard), Pumpkin, Broccoli penne with mushroom and carrot sauce!

And the dessert! I actually made these cookies yesterday as a break in study! Turned out I did a lot of baking whilst procrastinating! I think it was because it felt like at least I was doing something a little worthwhile – well more so than watching tv shows on my laptop or surfing the net!

Anyway here are my pretty pretty cookies:

IMG_1157.JPGI have to admit! I totally made these cookies for the fun of the shape and decorating them! They were quite a simple roll outable sugar cookie recipe (You know, butter sugar egg baking powder a bit of salt and flour, oh and I added lemon essence instead of vanilla as we had run out but turned out yummy!)

The icing was the fun part! Made a very liquid sort (on purpose) because I’ve only ever made buttercream or fondant before and I wanted to try to make proper cookie icing! The recipe I had called for corn syrup which even if I could buy in New Zealand I probably would avoid so I used cream of tartar instead as found advise that this would be a good substitute! Think I may have added to much milk but with some help from the freezer and then the fridge they turned out great! Oh and I added a sprinkling of silver edible glitter at the end 🙂

IMG_1158.JPGThis one I actually had last night for dessert

IMG_1162.JPGAnd this was tonights one! And I think the sentiment in the middle of it is a pretty good way to finish off this post! Nite all! Your guys all rock!

Jem xx


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Double Dose

Hola – long time no see! Well one extra day…. 🙂 You guessed it study as usual! But things are looking up! At the end of this week it’ll all be DONE! Woohoo! Lol! I just have to get through these last few days!

Anyway this was yesterdays foods:

IMG_1127.JPGTypical c + c breakfast (coffee and cornflakes for those not in the know 😉 ). And some yoghurt and milk too!

Studied until this procrastination set in:

IMG_1129.JPGTres bien! Me gusta mucho! And yes – I do realise three languages have just been used on this line!

IMG_1130.JPGTuna salad: well tuna (duh), cucumber, gherkin, tomato, lettuce and carrot.

IMG_1131.JPGDessert of a pacific rose apple cut up and yoghurt!

Waited until dinner for this! Something I cooked for once!

IMG_1135.JPGRed lentil curry over long grain white basmati rice with pumpkin and broccoli!

During the afternoon I exercised another effect procrastination technique – this time it was baking 😉

IMG_1133.JPGRaspberry muffins of again – def my muse when it comes to cooking! And so of course I had to try two one for dessert! Delish 🙂


Started today off pretty similarly:

IMG_1136.JPGActually that was a total lie! Forgot what I had for breakie until I added the pic! Turns out I actually went for some homemade bread with 1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter with an awesome pear (think the type is called a winter nellis).

IMG_1137.JPGIMG_1138.JPGLunch: more homemade bread with cottage cheese and another apple! Actually added some sweet chili sauce as a topping for the sandwich after I took the photo which made it all the better 😉

IMG_1139.JPGHad a nice early dinner (the best sort!) of couscous with chicken and veg! Yum!

Finished off with this:

IMG_1140.JPGWhich is a common starter or ender to my day – oh cereal, beloved cereal, what would I do without thee?

Nite ya’ll

Jem xx


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Happy Halloween!

I swear, I have officially announced to the world that exams suck! Lol! I find it hilarious when lecturers tell you that really they think so too but that you have to sit the test… 😉

Anyway my day consisted of lets see…. study…. and eating… and procrastinating! Well I did cook dinner…. So here are the photos:

IMG_1122.JPGBerry flakes and another Eve apple! Coffee not pictured…. 🙂

IMG_1123.JPGUncertain as to what I craved for lunch but eventually decided on two eggs fried with a tiny bit of butter and salt and peppered. Two gherkins and carrot! Oh and a non pictured yoghurt again!

IMG_1125.JPGDid make this! Looks very pretty but rather a cheat to make… I’ll admit it! The pasta sauce came out of a can (*blushes*) – my laziness won out! Oh well, it tasted good with the extra carrot and cauliflower I added to it on the penne pasta (we didn’t have any whole wheat left!) with some grated parmesan cheese and parsley sprigs on top! Yum!

Finished off with the ever present:

IMG_1126.JPGCornflakes, milk, yoghurt, blueberries and a choc chip cookie. Oh – I made a batch of them this afternoon too! Apparently baking is another one of my super effective procrastination techniques!

Totally didn’t celebrate Halloween at all but hope you all had great times! Once again – it’s not such a big holiday here in NZ!

Better get some sleep – it’s almost the first of November! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!

Jem xx


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